Women's Physique

The Women's Physique Category, is aimed at women who prefer to develop a less muscular, yet athletic and aesthetically pleasing physique, unlike today's current bodybuilders.


In Women's Physique, there are two categories:

Category 1
Up to and including 163cm; and
Category 2
Over 163cm


The attire for all rounds is a two piece bikini, which must conform to the following criteria:

  1. Plain, opaque in style;
  2. Colour at the discretion of the athlete;
  3. Cloth fabric in material (no plastic, rubberized or similar material);
  4. Small amount of ornamentation, frills, lace work edges and or borders;
  5. At least 2 cm high on the sides and covering a minimum of one half of the gluteus maximus and all of the frontal area;
  6. No footwear;
  7. No jewellery or other accessories, except for a wedding ring.


Women's Physique consists of the following three rounds:

Round 1 - Quarter Turns
The quarter turns will be as follows:
• Quarter turn right, quarter turn back, quarter turn right, quarter turn front.
Round 2 - Mandatory Poses
The mandatory poses will be:
• Front bicep pose, open handed
• Side chest
• Back bicep pose, open handed
• Side triceps
Round 3 - 30 seconds posing routine
In this round, the judges will look for a smooth, artistic, well choreographed routine that displays the physique with style and grace, muscularity and athletic coordination.

For further information, please contact Carole Graham on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.