Paul Graham


Paul's achievements and titles include:

  • IFBB Vice President for over 30years
  • IFBB Executive Council Member
  • IFBB Australia President
  • IFBB Gold Medal Recipient
  • IFBB Contest Organizer Mr. Olympia and Mr & Ms Universe

 In the 1960's Paul began his career as a Bodybuilder. He went on to win many titles in the sport and commenced his career as a promoter.

His early promotions included music and rock promotions such as the Bronte Stomp and Maroubra Stomp. Paul created the Stomp craze and discovered such music stars as Little Patty, Roland Storm, Billy Thorpe, Peter Allen and The Easybeats. These and many more appeared regularly on Pauls' pop circuit.

During this era, Paul began his Bodybuilding promotions with his first international guest, the Blonde Bomber, Dave Draper, with a highly successful tour around Australia.

Paul then went to the USA where he met a young Arnold Schwarzenegger at Vinces Gym. Arnold had also just arrived in the US and the two became good friends. They shared an apartment together and trained daily at Vinces and Gold's Gym Venice. This resulted in a lifetime friendship. Paul organised for Arnold to visit Australia many times to promote Bodybuilding. Paul and Arnold trained together for many of Arnold's Olympia triumphs. Arnolds' last Olympia was in Sydney 1980.

Paul, together with wife Carole, are still the top promoters in Australia for National and International guests and events. They have bought Mr. Olympia winners - Larry Scott, Franco Columbo, Arnold, Frank Zane, Chris Dickerson, Samir Bannout, Lee Haney, Dorian Yates, Ronnie Coleman and Jay Cutler. Other stars include Ms Olympia’s Rachel McLish and Corey Everson. The Incredible Hulk Lou Ferringo, Tom Platz, Kevin Leverone and many other top bodybuilders.

In his pursuit to promote his sport, Paul made many television appearances. He was a regular guest on The Mike Walsh Midday Show, the Paul Hogan Show, Norman Gunston Show and the Dave Allen show. Some of Paul's appearances were so highly regarded they now appear on many "Best Of" series of those shows which are still shown today.

Paul was also a star of WCW World Championship Wrestling on Channel 9. He was regularly in the main event and wrestled with such stars as Killer Kowolski, Brute Bernard, Bull Ramos and Andre the Giant. Paul teamed up with Mario Milano and Mark Lewin in tag events. He set many box office records when he appeared in these main events with combination of strength displays and wrestling.

Today, Paul is one of longest serving executives in the IFBB. He has held the position of IFBB Vice-President for more than 25 years.

Paul is also President of the National Physique and Fitness Committee of Australia, which is the only federation, recognised by the IFBB for Australia.

Until February 2010,Paul and Carole owned and operated one of the largest gyms in Sydney - Beach Fitness Coogee where many highly ranked sports teams have trained. These include The Wallabies, The Kangaroos, The State of Origin Rugby League teams, The Sydney Roosters, The NZ Warriors, The Storm and World Cup Rugby teams.