Carole Graham


Carole's achievements and titles include:

  • IFBB International Executive Council Member
  • Secretary of IFBB Australia
  • Secretary of the Technical Committee
  • Member of the IFBB Disciplinary Committee
  • International and Professional Judge

Carole began training with weights around 1979 at a time when women did not use them for fear of gaining big muscles. She expelled that myth with a slim well toned body and went on to win 3 national Bodybuilding titles, was a finalist in the first World Games in the USA (The World Games are a competition for sports not in the Olympic Games).

In 1981 Carole married Paul Graham - Australia's most famous Bodybuilder and strongman. Together they promoted Bodybuilding and Fitness on Television and other media and hosted many events including Mr. and Ms. Universe (World Championships), Mr. Olympia, and of course many State and National competitions.

Carole has received many awards for her dedication to health and fitness - amongst them the IFBB Gold and Silver Medals and she was appointed Honorary Ambassador to The World Expo for Australia.

Carole is a highly respected International judge - she has judged World Championships for both men and women and many pro events including the Ms. Olympia, Mr. Universe and Australian Pro Grand Prix.

For more than 20 years Carole has appeared on all the National TV Channels promoting the sport of Bodybuilding Fitness and Figure. She appeared regularly on the Mike Walsh Show and other variety shows talking about the benefits of our sport and a healthy lifestyle.

Carole has been a commentator for many Bodybuilding, Fitness and Figure events. Some of these have been on Channel 9's Wide World of Sport, SBS Sports TV and NBC USA for the Arnold Schwarzenegger Classic.

Carole currently has a very prestigious position on the IFBB Executive Council. Carole is the Secretary of the Judges Committee and a member of the IFBB Disciplinary Committee.